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What Makes ADAA Different Than Other 10-Week Programs?

Wondering how Accelerated Dental Assisting Academy differs from other programs? Here's your answer!

5 Questions to Ask Your Interviewer

At the end of every interview, you'll be asked, "What questions do you have for me?" Here's how to be prepared!

Dental Assisting: A Day In The Life

Have you been wondering what your day-to-day work will look like as a dental assistant? Look no further!

Highlight: Financial Services

Find out what makes our Finance team the best in the business!

Highlight: Career Services

How does ADAA help you during hiring?? Read more to find out!

3 Reasons Dental Assisting Is a GREAT Career Path

Finding a career path that works for you can be overwhelming. Here are 3 reasons why you should choose Dental Assisting!

Is Dental Assisting Right For You?

If you've ever wondered if becoming a dental assistant is the right path, here are some questions to ask yourself!