Career services

Helping you prepare for your future.

From resume help to interview prep, your career coach is here to assist you in securing a job after Accelerated Dental.

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How can Career Services help?

There isn't a bigger celebration at Accelerated Dental than when our students find a job and are enjoying their new career. Our Career Services Department is designed to guide you through the intimidating process of finding your new career.

Career Services Course

Meet your Career Coach

You are not alone! Your Career Coach will assist you throughout the course and after graduation.

They are here to teach you the best methods and avenues for the job-search process. You will be supplied with job-searching strategies, including online job search engines, local recruiting avenues, and tips for networking.

Step 1

Participate in the Online Career Services Course

After Class 3, each student will receive an invitation to join the Career Services Course. The course consists of videos, engaging activities, and insightful content within each online module.

The online Career Services Course consist of the the following topics:

• Building a Resume
• Creating an Online Professional Appearance
• Searching and Applying for Jobs
• Interview Preparation

Step 2

Take Action

Apply the skills you learned in the Career Services Course.

Communicate with Accelerated Dental.  Let us know when you have been hired, so we can celebrate your success with you!

Step 3

Ready to take the next step?

Find a course that fits your schedule, close to home.

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